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05.11.2014 (vor 2073 Tagen)
TitelMonster mum couldn't convince jury with her evil lies
Startdatum16.10.2013 15:31 (vor 2458 Tagen)
Monster mum couldn't convince jury with her evil lies

EVIL Kimberley Hainey tried to convince a jury that she had been a good parent to her tragic toddler son Declan but they saw through the lies of a monster mum and convicted her of murder.

Hainey left her defenceless young baby home alone while she was out drinking and enjoying herself.

Hainey preferred to go out with friends or stay overnight at her then boyfriend Robert Milton's home, rather than giving tragic Declan the cuddles, love and security he needed.

On one occasion, she was out at Mr Milton's home for two days.

Consultant paediatrician Dr Jack Beattie had told the murder trial at the High Court in Glasgow that young children use up massive amounts of energy and explained how the culmanative effect of being left alone would be very serious, with dehydration being the main problem.

Even after Declan's death was caused by Hainey's neglect, her behaviour was appalling.

The toddler was left in his cot which didn't even have a sheet on it to rot.

When he was eventually found months later, his little decomposed body was fused to the plastic mattress.

Hainey claimed that she woke up one morning to find Declan dead in his travel cot in the living room.

She said she then moved him into her own bed before putting him in the cot in his bedroom.

However, it is believed that, given the position of Declan's body with one arm up at his head the likelihood is that he died in the cot in his bedroom.

That travel cot where Hainey claimed she found Declan dead was piled high almost to overflowing with empty lemonade bottles, sweet wrappers and other rubbish.

His favourite toy Iggle Piggle which he cuddled every night to get to sleep, was found by detectives under the grime and debris in the playpen.

And lying just about a foot away were many empty vodka bottles.

There were also discarded food cartons, showing that Hainey was able to carry on eating and drinking while her baby's body was decomposing and mummifying in the next room.

In Declan's bedroom, it was impossible to see the carpet because it was strewn with his clothes, which had been dumped all over the floor.

He lay in his cot with a dirty nappy beside him and the cellophane wrapper from a cigarette packet lying between his legs.

The grim discovery at the flat in Bruce Road, Gallowhill, Paisley, was made on March 30 last year by Hainey's mother Elizabeth Rodden, stepdad John Rodden and her aunt Ann McNeilage.

The family, who had been fooled by Hainey into believing Declan was still alive, were badly traumatised when they found him dead.

In court, Mrs Rodden told her daughter: "May God forgive you."

For months, Hainey had been getting money from her family claiming she needed it for food, heating and clothes for Declan.

Her mum and stepdad had offered to care for Declan and give him a home but Hainey had refused their kind offer.

The court heard that, up until Declan's first birthday, Hainey had cared for him well and everyone who met her then described her as a good mother who loved her son and who was adored by him. 相关的主题文章:
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